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The Brand

Edwardson was launched in 2016 by the Geneva based designer Edouard Bollé.

More than just a brand , it’s a family story.

Raised by a family of Eyewear connoisseurs , Edouard has learned the art of Eyewear through his Grand-father Robert Bollé , founder of the renowned brand Bollé.

From the material to the partnership with artisans , his vision is all about timeless designs and uncompromised quality.

Our frame are made to last , be worn , and most of all be loved.

The Craftmanship

Handmade by the most experienced artisans in France and Japan, Edwardson is more than just a brand , it’s a testimony for craftsmanship.

Using the best material , our frames are going through a 35 step process to ensure the highest quality.

Every frames is made to last with an exceptional care to the detail , we make haute Lunetterie.

From the custom acetate to the 22k gold plating of our frame , every component is selected to achive the best Sustainability

Our production value a reel commitment to ensure our our impact on environnement is minimal.